Voice and tone

When writing content be consistent, professional and effective to emotionally engage users in the Barnardo’s brand.

To make content easy to find, use and understand you should:

  • write in plain English
  • write in an active voice
  • choose words your audience would use
  • write short, clear sentences
  • use titles that are unique to the product
  • have the most important information first
  • check you can quickly tell what it’s about
  • check spelling, links and citations are correct
  • define acronyms and abbreviations the first time they’re used
  • explain technical and professional terms
  • optimise for search

You should avoid:

  • duplicating content
  • a passive voice
  • business or marketing speak

When writing for young people you should:

  • use an informal tone
  • be practical and actionable
  • lead with positive content
  • avoid being authoritarian, for example provide ‘tips’ not ‘rules’

View voice and tone research on GitHub.