The approach you should take.

Start small

Put work in front of real people early and often.

You should:

  • start with user needs
  • avoid making assumptions
  • design for the most constrained environment
  • test regularly with users
  • iterate based on evidence
  • release early

Be inclusive

Strive to support all who need the product.

You should:

  • always consider accessibility
  • priortise function over aesthetics
  • provide legible and readable content

Keep it simple

Do the hard work so the user doesn’t have to.

You should:

  • provide the simplest journey for the majority
  • only add complexity when justified
  • hide underlying complex systems
  • avoid deciding on a solution because ‘It’s always been this way’

Embrace digital

Make the most of the medium’s benefits.

You should:

  • be comfortable with change
  • respect the environment’s constraints
  • avoid print-based thinking

Be consistent

Build trust and familiarity across products.

You should:

  • follow the standards
  • follow consistent language
  • avoid reinventing the wheel

Be open

Be part of the open digital community.

You should:

  • share what you’re working on
  • code in the open
  • encourage collaboration
  • learn from others