Interacting with young people in real time

Use this pattern when interacting with young people in real time, for example online counselling.

You should:

  • set expectations of response times up front
  • give alternative options in case they need immediate support

Background information

To build trust you should provide information on who the young person is speaking to.

Sienna Stokes

Female, 32

Children’s Services Manager
Fostering and adoption – South East Region

Information on who the young person is speaking to.

Tone of voice

You should:

  • make them feel unique and not part of a system
  • be calm, helpful and positive
  • allow them to personalise their experience
  • provide clear and relevant signposts to services recommended by Barnardo’s
Would you like some tips on how you can cope with your situation?
Speaking in a calm, helpful and positive tone of voice.

Handling data

You should:

You can record the conversation for staff and the young person to access.

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