Design standards


To apply colour you should:

  • only use the brand colours
  • add white (tint) or black (shade) in 10% increments

Brand colours

  • Green


  • Orange


  • Pink


  • Purple


  • Teal


  • Red


  • Black


  • White


Using colours

You should:

  • use accessible colour combinations for text
  • use Black for titles and headings
  • avoid tints and shades for backgrounds
  • avoid relying on colour to convey important information

Also consider meaningful use of colour, for example:

  • greens for positive actions like submit or continue
  • oranges for cautionary actions like load or warn
  • reds for destructive actions like delete or error

As it appears on your ID.

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Black for labels and 30% tint for hint text. Red for errors with 80% tint for inset shadows.
White text on Green with 10% shade on hover and 40% shade for drop shadows.

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